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About Us

“We’ve been in the Construction Industry for more than 35 years.”

BP Construction was created in 2003 and work began on Commercial Projects. We sub-contracted to various Civil Works Construction Companies to install post-tension cabling for large high-rise buildings in Sydney CBD. We then began building high-end homes in the northern suburbs of Sydney. The skills and knowledge gained here would become valuable in later years.

Brass Homes opened their doors in 2012 to building for the investment market. This transition prompted a new name due to the change in the nature of our business.

As the industry has developed, we’ve kept up with important changes and have built a network of tradespeople and professionals who share the same values, work ethic and integrity as we do. This team approach helps us to deliver the quality, attention to detail and value for money that our clients have come to expect.

By combining your personality and our expertise, we can build a home that is perfectly suited to your changing needs, without compromising on style or quality.

General Manager: Dylan Brass
Qualification: Australian Builder's Licence
His relaxed, friendly nature enables him to engage in and relate to a broad spectrum of people. He thrives on finding new opportunities to expand and grow our business.

Draftsperson: Ngatangi Brass
Is currently studying Architecture at the University of Technology, Sydney. She has a keen eye for detail and relishes in exploring the many facets of design. High on her list of priorities for any build would have to be, functionality and aesthetics.

Office Manager: Adrienne Brass
Oversees the smooth running of the office and the general well being of staff and clients.


Managing Director: Arthur Brass

Qualification: New Zealand trained Carpenter with an Australian Builders Licence

May 1989 he suffered a serious work injury. His resilience eventually allowed him to return back to regular everyday life. With a young family to support, it was crucial now for him to become self sufficient. Hence the move to Australia with a strong desire to have his own company. His determination to strive for excellence is evident across the whole company.


Suite 3.18 - 29/31 Lexington Drive Bella Vista 2153 NSW

(02) 8814 1999