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Our Process

Initial Consultation

Introductions are critical and set the tone for the entire relationship. We listen to our clients to ensure we capture the essence of their dream home or investment property from the start. If possible, it’s best to conduct these meetings on site, to gain a better understanding of your location requirements and constraints of the site.

Concept Phase

Our client’s budget is an important aspect of the process. During this phase every detail is carefully considered. Combining our industry expertise with your unique ideas, we craft a project brief – the detailed proposal of works. It will include: house and material selections such as external and internal finishes.

Design selections 

Is it a house that takes into account the needs of a growing family or is it a house that maximises the return on investment?

The available house designs incorporate the intentions and requirements of the clients and the estate of the proposed construction. The client selects from the available colour schemes and material finishes. 

Once your house plans and specifications have been finalised, the fixed contract price can be calculated.

Tender Acceptance & Development Application

When the building contract is finalised and signed, the architectural & structural drawing will be produced and ready for the application process.

If a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is suitable for the site, that is, a fast-tracked approval that meets specific criteria - however this must be determined by the Council or Accredited Certifier. 

If your home requires the lodging of a Development Application (DA) it must be submitted to Council for approval and this process can take up to six weeks.


When Council has approved the Development Application (DA) plans and all the issues have been addressed, they are now ready for the Construction Certificate process to begin. 

Approved Finance

The client is required to contact their bank/lending institution and to seek financial approval before construction commences. 

Construction Phase

Site works now commence. We maintain contact with clients ensuring they are kept up to date with the progress of the build. If any issues arise the clients are notified immediately.

Completion Hand Over

When the house is complete, a Brass Homes representative will arrange for a final inspection of the property. Once Brass Homes receives the practical completion payment, they will provide the client with full access to the house, that is, remotes and all house keys. 


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