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John and Helen Wilkes : Client

'For us, two of the most important elements in guiding us through this process was a need to work with someone who shared our design vision and someone we felt understood our time and budget costraints. Arthur and Adrienne quickly gained our trust and confidence to meet these elements and establishing a great working relationship where honest and constructive conversations could take place. The end result was a home that exceeded our expectations - is comfortable, well designed and well built. A great outcome and experience'.

Anthony Solomon: Architect

'Arthur Brass has displayed all the qualities of excellence that we have come to expect on our projects. His diligent, hardworking manner, his ability to deal with Architects, other Consultants, Clients, Statutory bodies and numerous Subcontractors has made this difficult process of building, much easier'.

David Cant: Architect

'Arthur is a cheerful, attentive and helpful Builder. He confidently manages difficult building sites and issues that arise, while maintaining harmonious relationships with all concerned including the often apprehensive neighbours'.

Laurie Maaka: Client

'We mainly dealt with Dylan Brass. We found him to be really easy to get along with and was more than happy to answer any questions we had, no matter how silly they seemed.
We love our house and would be happy to build with Brass Homes again'.

William Prentice: Client

'I really like the design of our house because it’s very different and unique when you compare it with the other houses in our street. I have a wonderful house and I'm grateful for all the hard work and commitment that went into it'.

Angelo D’Ambrosio: Structural Engineer

'Arthur carries out works to a high standard and has a thorough understanding of the principles required for good quality building practices. When he was unsure of certain aspects of the design, he would call me to seek an explanation that satisfies the desire he has to get the job right. I think that this is a good characteristic and shows a builder who is committed to producing a quality product that leaves no room for error'.

Curtis Morehu : Client

'Arthur was excellent to work with, as he is an honest, and straight forward builder. The Brass Homes team were always friendly and easy to work with as they were attentive to my needs. I’m happy with my final house and the quality of the build'.

Melissa McMillan: Client

'Brass Homes was very helpful when it came to explaining the whole construction process. Answering the queries I had along the way. The house was built in a timely manner. We were rewarded with a lovely house that is the first house we have ever built and it was nothing like the horror stories we have heard from others who had gone through the challenges of building their first home'.

Bevan Rodger : Client

'With no experience and no deposit I was wanting to buy my first home but I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Then I met Adrienne and Karla and they helped me through the entire process and I was able to purchase a property without a deposit. They were both very creative.

Apina Rodger : Client

'I was wanting to purchase an investment property but had no idea where to start and minimal time to investigate the market. Adrienne played a huge part in not only locating the right property but helping me purchase it as well. She assisted me through the entire process and once it was complete she still made the effort to keep in contact and make sure everything was going well'.


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Bella Vista NSW 2153


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