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Architectural Drawings

With our in house architect we can offer a complete service offering.

We design and build your home so that the process is seamless and enjoyable for you. It's for that reason we take this approach and offer you the combined service of high level architecture, and building craftsmanship. There are numerous benefits to building with this collaborative, integrated approach.

By working with the combined services of an architect and a builder, the architectural and building phase can be planed right from the start of the project, streamlining processes and controlling costs, while Brass Homes remains accountable from start to finish. This philosophy extends to the internal design and finishes of your home working with you to define your home's unique personality.

Working with a single team has many benefits - the builder is involved from the very start offering advice and suggestions on practical ways to keep costs down and resolve any construction details and potential issues. We can quickly integrate changes with minimal impact on timeframes and budget and our in-house estimator constantly reviews supplier purchase agreements to ensure our purchasing rates are as competitive as possible.

Construction Project Management

With our team of highly qualified Project Managers and a team of skilled craftsmen we pride ourselves on our work. Our strength is building to a high standard whilst controlling time and cost through the project and building phase.

Dedication to project management on site keeps each project moving according to the overall plan. The goal is always to manage the project to finish on schedule and within budget, while still meeting building codes, plans and specs. The project managers have the fill support of a estimating and coordinating team within the office to help achieve these goals.


Our ability to design high quality, luxury kitchens with innovative and functional characteristics makes us a leader in kitchen design. We focus on innovative designs, modern features, and maximising your space and storage functions

Your kitchen is a multi-purpose space. Modern kitchens often double as a gathering place, storage area, dining space, and of course food sanctuary . Brass Homes will make sure your kitchen is the centrepiece of your home. Our exciting designs will make your space more than just a kitchen, it will be a part of your lifestyle. We are highly skilled in creating beautiful bench tops, spacious cupboards, and clever storage nook. A custom Brass Homes kitchen will be a functional space which will blend perfectly into household and any budget.


Brass Homes are able to produce a high-quality bathroom, while also developing a creative masterpiece. Our licensed waterproofing allows you to get creative with your luxury designs and create a masterpiece that will be a welcome addition to your home. The specialist tilers provide the highest quality of work and will adhere to all your bathroom tile needs. The plumbing quality is second to none as our professional plumber works with you to understand your needs within the bathroom. Dedicated to precision finishes to achieve high end designs.

Our personal service allows them to share your vision for the bathroom and create a design that meets all your expectations functionally and visually. Brass Homes pride ourselves on being a high-quality designer of luxury bathrooms.


Including an extension to your home is a great way to capitalise on your existing investment. Adding value to your home with a new and contemporary addition will truly turn your house into a home. 

Our extensive knowledge of contemporary designs allows us to create a masterpiece within the foundations of your home. Our high quality practices and materials provide only the best service to your home extension and renovation needs. Whether you want to add another room to your house or redesign the existing rooms in your house, Brass Homes have the solution for you.

Renovations can range from just an additional room or a second story addition. With our knowledge and experience we can cover all aspects for your renovation.


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