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Connor and Solomon Architects

Cant Dibden Pty Ltd

D'Ambrosio Consulting Pty Ltd

Project Testimonials

"The process of designing and building your dream home is fraught with possible hurdles and uncertainties. For us, two of the most important elements in guiding us through this process was a need to work with someone who shared our design vision and someone we felt understood our time and budget constraints. Arthur and Adrienne quickly gained our trust and confidence to meet these elements as well as establishing a great working relationship whereby honest and constructive conversations could take place. The end result was a home that exceeded our expectations - is comfortable, well designed and well built. A great outcome and experience."

John and Helen Wilkes

"With no experience and no deposit I was wanting to buy my first home but I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Then I met Adrienne and Karla and they helped me through the entire process and I was able to purchase a property without a deposit. They were both very creative and to this day are always available to assist me with my property"

Bevan Rodger

"I was wanting to purchase an investment property but had no idea where to start and minimal time to investigate the market. Adrienne played a huge part in not only locating the right property but helping me purchase it as well. She assisted me through the entire process and once it was complete she still made the effort to keep in contact and make sure everything was going well"

Apina Rodger

Ph: 02 8814 1999